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Megan DeGraba’s second act as an agency pro came with freedom and flexibility

by | Oct 19, 2022

Megan DeGraba standing with arms crossed
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Working at a marketing agency can be equal parts dreamy and…chaotic. You get to be part of huge brands and big campaigns, but it can also be a professional-level juggling act, as you balance the needs of different clients and projects.

Doing that work through We Are Rosie is a slightly different flavor of that experience, though–one that comes with the ability to design a career that complements your life, rather than the other way around. 

Rosie community member Megan DeGraba found this out first-hand, when she joined We Are Rosie in 2019.


Work where YOU want to

Megan started her digital marketing career in 2008, working in paid search and social media with a Pennsylvania-based agency. 

After five years of standard agency life (plus freelancing on the side), she decided to take her career remote. She liked working with world-class clients on impactful projects, but commuting two hours or more to the big agencies in New York City or Philadelphia was out of the question. Remote work was the answer. 

The only problem? Many agencies didn’t (and some still don’t) accept remote employees. Among those that had a more flexible approach, they often lacked resources to help remote employees thrive. 

Luckily, Megan says, “Working with We Are Rosie has taken the location factor out of the picture.” These days, she’s able to work from home while still growing her career.  


Embracing flexibility and freedom

When we think of work, so often, there’s a visual of fluorescent lights above rows of desks that all look the same. But work is different now—and in 2022 and beyond, so many marketers are seeking more freedom and flexibility on every level, like Megan was. 

Megan explains, “I learned quickly in my career I am not a ‘sit at a desk from 9-5’-type of employee. Even now I have a standing desk! I use a laptop so I can work from different rooms in my house or different locations.” 

More than the freedom of location, though, Megan came to We Are Rosie for better work-life balance and the ability to decide what that would look like for her. She also wanted to work for a company that would fully support her as a new mom. 

Megan explains, “I needed to be part of a company that understood the challenges working parents face everyday.  I needed flexibility, along with the support to continue my career and provide for my family while being able to be there for my children as well.” 

So Megan made the leap from a full-time role to a consulting position with global media agency Essence through We Are Rosie. And this past summer, when Megan took time off to be with her family and recover after having her second child, she didn’t have to worry—as soon as she was ready to come back to work, a new contract was waiting for her. 


Crafting a career for this season of life

Megan loves being able  to pick and choose “my contracts, who I work with, for how many hours a week, and for what duration.” 

“If a project becomes stale and I want a change, I can ask for it and We Are Rosie will help place me in an ideal role,” she adds.  

With two kiddos under age 3, that kind of autonomy is essential for Megan. 

She says, “When I came on board with We Are Rosie, I was transparent about what I needed to feel fulfilled in my career and how the ideal role should support a family-first culture for its employees. And that’s what they provide!”


A seamless transition to independent work

Becoming a parent and becoming an independent marketer went hand in hand for Megan. And three years later, she’s not looking back. 

“The transition has been great,” she says. “I never feel like I’m missing out on being at an agency full-time.” 

Most importantly, Megan has work that’s fulfilling for her, and, she says, “I feel appreciated by the team. I’m respected for the job I do and I am so very happy to help wherever I am needed.” Megan’s working with powerhouse clients like Google and YouTube but has all the flexibility she needs for her family, too. It’s agency life, built for this season of her career. 

Looking to build your career as an independent marketing expert just like Megan has? We Are Rosie connects you to flexible, remote work opportunities plus all the support you need to thrive. Join our community today.

Written by Kaitlin Marks
Kaitlin Marks is a freelance writer and content strategist. She's passionate about empowering people to live their best lives through her writing. When she’s not working, you can find her snuggling her little rescue puppy, Peanut, or reading a good book at the beach.

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