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Founder Blog: Our commitment to combating systemic oppression

by | Aug 21, 2020

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Founder Blog: Our commitment to combating systemic oppression

by | Aug 21, 2020

Things may be quieting down on the inclusion and justice front in adland, but We Are Rosie is still here to make noise. Our commitment to create opportunities for all marginalized and underrepresented people continues in the work we do every day. And we promised to keep you posted on our commitment to using our platform to drive inclusion and equity. So here we goooo, #walkingthewalk …

  • 40% of Rosies assigned to client projects in 2020 will be Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. We set this bar in 2019 and we are committed to sustaining it. To ensure we achieve this goal, every team of talent we present to every client we work with has been, and will continue to be, broadly diverse.
  • The Rosie Report Podcast is now accessible to the hearing impaired with video captioning and full audio transcripts. And speaking of our podcast, 40% of our guests in 2020 will also be Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. Plus, we are already committed to guests representing the gender equality movement, the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities this year. Listen and subscribe on Spotify or Anchor.
  • We also recently launched, a central destination for stories, insights, and ideas about the future of work. Here we give voice to everyone who has a stake in the future of work, which is actually everyone. Our contributors include big time thought leaders, freelancers from our own community, and the next wave of dreamers the world has yet to meet. And 40% of all of them will be Black, Indigenous, or People of Color too.
  • We are actively supporting organizations that are pushing the inclusion and equality agenda. We signed the Allyship & Action pledge, committing to transparency and real action to create systemic change.
  • Finally, we’re being conscious of where our money is being spent. We took a rigorous look at all of our suppliers to ensure we are supporting minority-owned and minority-led organizations and are proud to say that 76% of our suppliers have Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color in an owner, board member, or senior executive position, and 96% have womxn in these roles. We are committed to selecting diverse suppliers, and to reviewing our suppliers on a semi-annual basis ongoing.

Of course, our work doesn’t end here. You’ll be hearing from us again soon!


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