5 ways CMOs are innovating their businesses through flexible talent

by | Jul 28, 2020

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Any marketer will tell you we are in a seismic shift of transformation and evolution when it comes to how consumers engage with brands. What worked five years ago no longer applies, and staying ahead of each hairpin curve has forced CMOs to innovate vs just adapt. The reason We Are Rosie exists is to help brands usher in that innovation for how modern work can manifest. What does the #FutureOfWork look like? We are lucky enough to have a sneak peek.

Having worked with brands, agencies and platforms, our 360 view of the media and marketing landscape has shown us some pretty incredible insights into how the status quo for success is changing, and it starts with operational transformation. As the world evolves and as the community of marketing talent (eg, workforce) migrates to more independent work, brands and marketers prioritizing a people-first approach to business success have come to us for guidance on solving modern problems with modern solutions.

No longer do CMOs have to restrict their teams to local full time staff. Here are 5 ways CMOs are leveraging our community of highly skilled marketing consultants to get the job done well and quickly:

Building a Dream Team – ASAP

Today’s marketing landscape moves at the speed of light, and so should the work. More often than not, there’s no time for the traditional hiring process for projects that need turn-around now. Speed does not have to come at the cost of quality. A team of hand-picked consultants accelerates the on-boarding cycle, granting CMOs instant access to the expert dream team they need to hit the ground running.

Building an In-House Agency

With more brands embracing an internal marketing core team (creative, media, programmatic), developing a core of full-time experts that’s supplemented with consultants drives team agility and promotes project flexibility throughout every engagement, milestone, and phase.

Source Specialized Expertise

Some marketing projects require niche experience or specialized expertise for success outside of the core staff. Rather than ramping up for a full-time hire, CMOs can appreciate the value in their existing internal resources while using high quality consultants to augment the group based on individual initiative need.

Fill Interim VP or C-Suite Vacancy

Many business owners don’t realize that today’s consulting market offers resources across every level of experience and role. C-suite and VP level consultants are on the rise, delivering an ideal staffing strategy for business owners to keep their operations running with fractional executives while working to fill a prominent internal position.

Navigate Transition

As we’ve already mentioned, today’s brands continuously find themselves in a state of marketplace flux, disruption, and change, making it essential to have steady hands righting the helm and navigating through a time of transition. Hiring a team of flexible consultants of provides a smart solution that keeps a business afloat during a merger, acquisition, or move.

We Are Rosie is redefining the work experience for both consultants and businesses alike. Ushering in a better way to work starts with the people, and the mindset to embrace change.


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