LinkedIn for freelance marketers: 7 ways to get noticed

by | Oct 5, 2022

Welcome to LinkedIn sign: How to use LinkedIn as a freelance marketer.
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As a freelance marketer or creative, one of the best ways to help businesses find you (and hire you!) is by perfecting your presence on LinkedIn. It can be the difference between having work opportunities come your way effortlessly and spending precious time pounding the pavement in search of your next great project. (We Are Rosie also makes it easy to find top notch career opportunities, so if you’re not part of our community, join today.)

Two things to consider when building your LinkedIn profile as a freelance marketer:

  1. It needs to complement your resume (be sure to include the link on your resume).
  2. It should be able to stand alone, because so many hiring managers and business owners search for their dream team directly on LinkedIn.

So, let’s get into a few best practices to help your LinkedIn profile shine.


1. Change your LinkedIn status to “Open to Work”

Over 12 million LinkedIn users are telling the world that they’re #opentowork. Make sure you’re one of them. When our matchmakers are searching for the best Rosie for a project, the first thing we need to know is if you’re available. Because we know you’re in high demand. Turning on your “open to work” setting is a good way to catch our eye. Even better? Put “for hire” in your headline.

You can also use your About section to spell out any specifics about your availability, like the number of weekly hours you have for new projects. This info helps us know if we should reach out and will make sure your DMs are filled with opportunities that fit your current work life.

2. Make it clear you’re a marketing freelancer or consultant

Shout it from the rooftops…or your headline. There are lots of ways to make your LinkedIn headline standout, but one thing we love to see: the words “freelance,” “consultant,” or “independent,” which gives our career matchmakers (and other folks who are hiring) the green light to contact you about flex work.

If you’re juggling a full-time job and freelance projects, we get it—you might not want to be shouty about your side hustle. In that case, make a small note about your consulting work in your About section or add consulting under your experience.

3. Pepper your LinkedIn profile with keywords and in-demand skills

Are you a media buyer with TikTok experience? A UX designer who’s mastered Figma? A copywriter who rocks at technical writing? When crafting your profile, think about the skills that every marketing department needs right now. If you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em. (This goes for your resume, too.)

Be sure to add these keywords to your headline as well as your About blurb. Those are the first places our matchmakers look when deciding if you’re right for one of our Rosie projects.

But, don’t forget about that skills section at the bottom of your profile, either. We know you’re always adding new feathers to your cap as the rockstar marketer that you are, so let the LinkedIn universe know whenever you’ve mastered a new skill, software, or platform by adding it here.

And be sure to keep this section curated. It’s likely that some of the skills that got you to where you are today just aren’t as impressive anymore. Hit that X on any old or outdated skills.

4. Use the endorsements feature

Within your skills section, you can collect endorsements from former colleagues, managers, and clients. This feature can be turned off, but we recommend keeping it on as long as you do a little curation here, too.

Identify the most important skills for your dream projects, plus one or two people you’ve worked with who are absolute pros in each area. Ask them if they’ll endorse you for that specific skill. While you’re at it, throw a couple endorsements their way for those same skills.

Why? Well, there are a couple big benefits:

  • LinkedIn rates people as “highly skilled” at certain things. When you get an endorsement on a skill from one of these folks, it boosts your credibility in the eyes of hiring managers and recruiters.
  • You’ll be featured on your connections’ profiles as a “highly skilled” person. This is a great way to make yourself more discoverable to anyone who might be in need of your expertise.

5. Grow your LinkedIn network relevantly

The more connections you have, the more visible you’ll become on LinkedIn. But think about quality over quantity. You don’t need to connect with your childhood friends who are accountants or lawyers (unless they’re working for really cool brands with big marketing budgets).

Plain and simple, add new connections who have similar or complementary skill sets. Anytime they interact with your profile or posts, you’ll get introduced to their network. Plus, there’s a chance you’ll appear in the “People also viewed” sidebar on their profiles. If a hiring manager’s about to hit them up for a great opportunity, you and your magic get discovered, too.

6. Showcase your best work

Don’t be shy. Brag on yourself! If you’ve worked with top brands, now’s the time to name drop them. Highlight impressive budgets you’ve managed and show off your best work. And give any accolades or certifications you’ve earned a shout-out, too.

Have a portfolio? Include the link in a visible place. But make sure your work samples are up to date. If our matchmaking team or a potential client only sees work from way back, you’ll leave them wondering what you’ve been up to and they might be inclined to X out of your profile.

There’s one big caveat here: don’t reveal any confidential info! You can always talk about that “major social network” you worked for instead of getting specific.

7. Share relevant content and thought leadership with your network

Respond to industry news, provide your thoughts on the latest marketing trends, and reshare impactful content. Interacting with existing content and creating your own posts can help you develop a presence on the platform that will increase your connections and support your growth as an independent marketer.

As with everything on LinkedIn, keep it relevant to your career within the marketing industry, but don’t be afraid to show that you’re a whole human. Being open about your life and work values can help bring the right clients and opportunities your way.


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Written by Lacey Brumfield
Lacey Brumfield is the Loyalty Lead at We Are Rosie, formerly on the Talent Team at We Are Rosie, and an Auburn University alumni. She loves problem solving, cooking, and being the life of the party. Follow Lacey on LinkedIn.

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