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Vimmi: Redefining E-Commerce and Women’s Entrepreneurship with Cynthia Nelson

by | Jan 30, 2024

Originally posted on Vimmi by Eitan Koter on January 25, 2024.




Cynthia Nelson, an expert in video commerce and supporter of women in business, shares her insights and experiences in this conversation. The conversation covers topics such as investing in women-led companies, the current status and challenges of live shopping, the power of video commerce and social commerce, the challenges and opportunities for marketers in 2024, the role of AI in marketing, and the strategy as a service model.

Cynthia also discusses her work in supporting women-led companies and the evolution of women founders in the industry. The conversation explores the rise of women founders and the impact of COVID on work flexibility. It discusses the availability of tools and resources for women entrepreneurs and the gender bias in venture capital funding. The challenges faced by women founders, including biased attitudes and expectations, are highlighted. The need for more women investors is emphasized. The success story of We Are Rosie, a company empowering women in marketing, is shared.

The importance of self-care for founders and the ability to recognize potential in entrepreneurs are discussed. The conversation concludes with a focus on optimism and the importance of agility and adaptability in the tech world.


Investing in women-led companies can lead to higher revenue and better exits.
Live shopping and video commerce have the potential to build brand loyalty and customer engagement.
Data analytics and AI are crucial for marketers to understand consumer behavior and personalize messaging.
Fragmentation in marketing channels requires marketers to choose their battles and focus on platforms that provide the most returns.
The strategy as a service model can help startups identify gaps and implement effective strategies.
Supporting women-led companies is important for promoting diversity and innovation in the industry. COVID has led to an increase in women founders as it has shown that work can be done remotely, providing flexibility for women with families.
There are now more tools and resources available for women founders, making it easier and more affordable to start and run a business.
Gender bias in venture capital funding is a significant issue, with less than 2% of venture capital going to women-led companies.
Women founders face unique challenges, including biased attitudes and expectations, but statistically, they often outperform male-led companies.
More women investors are needed to change the system and provide funding opportunities for women entrepreneurs.
Self-care is essential for founders to avoid burnout and maintain their well-being.
Entrepreneurs need to be able to recognize potential in others and support them in their journey.
Optimism and a learning mindset are crucial for success in entrepreneurship.
Agility and adaptability are essential skills in the fast-paced tech world.
Cynthia Nelson, the guest speaker, has a background in surfing, skateboarding, and competitive equestrianism.


00:00 Introduction and Background
06:40 Investing in Women-Led Companies
08:21 The Current Status and Challenges of Live Shopping
12:41 The Power of Video Commerce and Social Commerce
19:34 Challenges and Opportunities for Marketers in 2024
25:24 The Role of AI in Marketing
30:28 Strategy as a Service Model
31:39 Supporting Women-Led Companies
32:06 Increase in Women Founders and the Impact of COVID
33:00 Tools and Resources for Women Founders
34:27 Gender Bias in Venture Capital Funding
35:27 Challenges Faced by Women Founders
36:54 The Need for Women Investors
37:20 Success Story: We Are Rosie
38:20 The Importance of Self-Care for Founders
39:53 Recognizing Potential in Entrepreneurs
41:26 Optimism and Learning Mindset
42:35 Agility and Adaptability in the Tech World
43:22 Personal Note: Cynthia’s Hobbies

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