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The Human Cloud Podcast: Ep. 48 – Stephanie Nadi Olson of We Are Rosie, Building A Flexible Career Platform For Marketers

by | Mar 31, 2022

Stephanie Nadi Olson on The Human Cloud Podcast

Originally posted by The Human Cloud Podcast, March 31, 2022.

Stephanie Nadi Olson is a founder we can all relate to. She’s scrappy. She’s a big dreamer. Yet she’s practical and in her words, is a “big dreamer with a desire for stability”. 4 years ago she created We Are Rosie, a flexible career platform for marketers. In her words, We Are Rosie provides their Rosies, “a platform that gives them the career they desire and the life they deserve.”

In this episode we’ll dig deep into:
Why she built We Are Rosie
How she went from corporate to startup to founder
How work can be inclusive and flexible for all

Check out the full episode here.