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Rosie on a Virtual Panel: The Female Quotient SXSW 2020

by | Mar 12, 2020

Originally posted on Facebook by The Female Quotient, March 11, 2020

What happens when we center women’s stories not as niche, but as universal? When women construct the stories we hear, the fuller landscape is shown. By shaping the story through the female lens, we see ourselves and communities not as they’ve been presented in the past, but more fully as they are in reality. Join us in the virtual #EqualityLounge for a conversation with top marketers who are crafting a more inclusive culture:

Heidi Waldusky, Associate Publisher and General Manager, Marketing and Brand, Ad Age (Moderator)
Raiven Delisle, Art Director, The Martin Agency
Ciara Dilley Transform Brands & Portfolio Innovation, FRITO LAY
Kiana Pirouz, Head of Marketing, We Are Rosie
Becky Morrison, Founder, The Light