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Talking To Ourselves Podcast: Stephanie Nadi Olson

by | Jul 16, 2021

Originally posted by Omid Farhang on the Talking To Ourselves Podcast, July 16, 2021.


Created by Omid Farhang, award-winning Creative Director and Founder of Majority Agency. Featuring the marketing industry’s most admired leaders sharing advice, revealing process and routines, maybe telling a few war stories, hopefully uplifting a few cynics, and divulging secrets to a fulfilling career in marketing.
Stephanie Nadi Olson is the founder of We Are Rosie, an ever-expanding community of independent marketing experts, available on-demand to complement, backfill, or accelerate in-house team capabilities on both the brand and agency sides. Stephanie founded We are Rosie in Atlanta in 2018. She was named AdAge Visionary of the Year 2020. She was recognized by Adweek in the 2020 Creative 100. She was named World Changing Woman 2020 by Conscious Company. She was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019 by the Stevie Awards. And most recently, Adweek named her among the 35 Trailblazing Women redefining the future of media, marketing and tech. 

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