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Inc 5000: How Founders of Fast-Growth Companies Make Time for Balance and Self-Care

by | Sep 18, 2023

Originally posted on Inc 5000, on September 4, 2023


Employer wellness isn’t always a priority. But an investment in your well-being will pay dividends.

No, not employee wellness. No benefit plan ­needed. We’re talking about you, the employer. The founder. The top dog–and the bottom of the list when it comes to free time. ­Entrepreneurship isn’t exactly known for being a stress-free experience, especially when you’re running a fast-growing company. But as a leader, it’s vital to take time to relax, decompress, and clear your mind. That will only help you do your job even better.

Of course, when you have a million emails to answer, dozens of roles to fill, and fire after fire demanding to be put out, self-care may not exactly be your number-one ­priority. That’s why it’s important to have the right ­systems and habits in place–like a reliable routine–to help you find balance as you build your business.

Taking time for yourself also gets easier when you learn how to remove things from your plate and put them in the hands of your trusted team members. You’ve likely heard the old adage about the importance of working on, not in, your business as a founder; delegating the right tasks can help you do just that and give you a few spare moments of breathing room.

Most of all, don’t forget to celebrate your wins and take your missteps as learning opportunities, just as the leaders in the pages ahead have done. They’ve grown Inc. 5000 companies while also figuring out how to take care of themselves–and they have plenty advice on how you can do it all, too.



You can do only so much yourself. How to strategically leverage your team to get the rest done.


Stephanie Olson Founder
“I encourage founders and CEOs to put a price on their time. The number is probably higher than you think. Then, delegate everything you possibly can that can be done by paying someone less than your own hourly rate. Start with the things that can be delegated for the least amount of money and work your way up. As a leader, it’s your job to do the stuff that only you can do and to delegate the rest for the highest good of the business.”

We Are Rosie, a marketing talent firm based in Atlanta, was a 2022 Inc. 5000 honoree.