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Future Work/Life Podcast: Featuring Stephanie Nadi Olson of We Are Rosie – The Flexible Future of Work

by | Jun 1, 2022

The future work life podcast.

Originally posted by Ollie Henderson on the Future Work/Life podcast, June 1, 2022.

Today’s guest is Stephanie Nadi-Olson, founder of We Are Rosie.

After a decade in advertising sales, working for companies like Microsoft and Yahoo, Stephanie recognized an industry ripe for disruption.

When she returned to work following the birth of her first child, she experienced for herself the lack of options for people wanting or needing to work flexibly and independently.

Her mission with We Are Rosie is to gather all of these people up, market them, and give them the career and life they want.

Founded in 2017, the company preceded the changes wrought by COVID, and it’s fair to say that Stephanie and her team were perfectly positioned to provide the tools and the opportunities for thousands of people who decided it was the perfect time to switch to freelancing or going it alone. She’s won multiple awards for her work and is leading one of the fastest-growing organizations in marketing.

We had a great conversation covering a range of topics, including:

–   The challenges of scaling a business with a young family

–   The importance of self-care for founders and leaders

–   Why community is key to the growth of We Are Rosie

–   Why flexibility is vital to the future of work

–   The growth of freelance and fractional roles

–   The skills required to manage and work remotely

–   Moving from corporate to start-up life

–   Why a 6-month runway makes sense when founding a company

–   How a shared mission galvanizes a distributed team of freelancers

–   Why leaders sharing their ideas makes a difference to business growth

–   How to take the first steps into going it alone as a solo or entrepreneur

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