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Digiday Media: We Are Rosie COO, Nikki Coleman, is a 2022 Future Leader Awards winner

by | Apr 14, 2022

Future leaders awards.

Originally posted by Digiday Media, April 14 2022.

Digiday Media is excited to announce the 2022 Future Leader Awards winners. Representing brands, agencies, retailers and publishers, this year’s winners are leading their organizations into the future through their visionary leadership while also ensuring their impact is felt beyond the bottom line. This year’s winners demonstrate that a true leader takes many forms, from implementing policies and peer groups to leveraging their expertise toward initiatives that benefit their communities and society.

Digiday Future Leader – Brand
Nikki Coleman, COO at We Are Rosie

The work

When Nikki Coleman joined We Are Rosie as employee number one, she quickly proved her adaptability and initiative, being faced with tasks from how to set up an LLC to formalizing a payroll system. She still wears many hats, and the latest addition to her role as head of people puts her in charge of ensuring the best experience at every part of the employment lifecycle.

The impact

With a leadership style that can aptly be described as human-centric, Nikki is focused on implementing innovative policies and programs to help We Are Rosie employees do their best work and also live their best lives. By spearheading programs such as mandatory paid time off, pregnancy loss leave and mental health support alongside professional development and improved onboarding processes, Nikki constantly puts thoughtful leadership into practice.

The future

Having grown the We Are Rosie team to 43 employees, Nikki has formed partnerships to expand the company’s ability to hire internationally and is setting an example for everyone by reenvisioning perks and benefits for more than 9,000 consultants that work with the company.

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