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Digiday: ‘It’s just a new way of thinking’: Why consulting firm We Are Rosie is paying departing employees

by | Aug 30, 2021

Originally posted on Digiday by Kimeko McCoy, August 27, 2021.

Last year, murmurings started that the future of work would be found in the gig economy and project-based work. By the beginning of the year, those rumblings reached a fever pitch as the marketing and public relations industry began launching platforms like Publicist, which is geared toward freelancers.

With that in mind, marketing consulting firm and freelance collective We Are Rosie this year launched an internal effort to close the financial gaps that come between projects: Commencement pay. That means when a full time employee decides to pursue a new venture, We Are Rosie will continue their salary for two weeks on top of what’s owed for the final paycheck, according to head of people operations Nikki Coleman. (Typically, employers pay out what employees have already earned and accrued vacation time, depending on the state law. Coleman declined to comment on We Are Rosie’s policy in that regard.)

It’s a move We Are Rosie hopes will create a frictionless transition not only for the departing employee, but also for the incoming talent, said Coleman. Digiday caught up with Coleman to talk about commencement pay, the gig economy and the future of work.

What is commencement pay and what made We Are Rosie start offering it to full time employees?