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Adweek: We Are Rosie Launches New ‘Run by Rosie’ Service

by | May 29, 2024

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Originally posted on Adweek by Olivia Morley on May 29, 2024.


We Are Rosie, an advertising and creative services agency that offers brands flexible staffing, is launching a new service offering coined “Run by Rosie.”

The new offering allocates more responsibility to the We Are Rosie team and eschews a retainer payment model in favor of project-based scoping.

Since the agency launched in 2018, We Are Rosie has offered flexible staffing solutions to clients, drawing from its talent pool of more than 30,000 freelance marketing professionals. With Run by Rosie, the agency takes its offering a step further, offering clients an opportunity to entrust more operational responsibilities to the agency. Run by Rosie teams can manage project operations like staffing, project timeline and budget adherence—things that traditional We Are Rosie clients usually handle in-house.

“Run by Rosie is essentially our ability to deliver marketing solutions quickly, without upfront costs,” said We Are Rosie CEO Jeff Levick. “It is a new model—essentially assembling the right talent for the right project quickly, at the right time,” Levick added.


‘Akin to a micro agency’

As more marketers left behind AOR relationships in favor of project-based scopes, Levick said his clients requested more white-glove services to effectively scale a flexible working model. The new offering is “akin to a micro agency,” according to a statement released by the agency.

Clients that tap into Run by Rosie’s model can now operate in a fairly hands-off capacity, and leave behind operational hurdles like hiring, sourcing freelancers or even onboarding a traditional agency of record (AOR)—a process that can take weeks or months. Even though the agency does not operate on a retainer basis, its projects are built around traditional scopes, and sometimes multiple scopes when the agency works with multinational companies.


Dedicated, specialized teams

Run by Rosie offers specialized talent to brands that are seeking industry experts to run brand strategy and marketing transformation projects. Its teams can also deliver on We Are Rosie’s traditional service offerings, though its purview can broaden to include things like project management and scoping.

That inherent flexibility allows the agency’s clients the option to quickly launch projects without hiring full-time internal employees.

“It doesn’t appear that the status quo is working for big brands. It does appear that the best marketers have decided that they can work how they want and where they want,” Levick said, stressing marketers’ need for flexible partnership options.

We Are Rosie kicked off a Run by Rosie pilot service approximately nine months ago, deploying teams for several large clients that tested the services, which Levick declined to name.