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We Are Rosie is the first flexible career platform for marketers in all seasons of their professional journey.

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What our Rosies say

Maybe it’s a bit cheesy but you guys truly saved my life and got me out of dead-end, toxic jobs and into a much better place. It allowed me to afford a wedding, honeymoon, and an incredible 1 year anniversary trip
Marketing Activation Leader
We Are Rosie gives me the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with a variety of clients, which is great exposure. The team I work with at We Are Rosie is wonderful; it’s so nice to have people that can connect me with good work and good clients.
Creative Director
If you want the freedom and flexibility of freelance while keeping the safety and security that comes with having a nine-to-five job, We Are Rosie is probably your best bet.
Campaign Manager
They provide support that I never experienced before. And because they take on the job of finding new clients, it allows me to focus more on my writing and producing the best possible work.
Senior Copywriter
We Are Rosie has given me the freedom to create my own career and has opened the door to amazing opportunities. My professional and personal relationships have grown and I am so lucky to call the Rosie team family!
Media Buyer
Working as part of the We Are Rosie has been nothing short of a dream come true. Everyone is extremely passionate, supportive, and welcoming. They’re visionaries who are redefining how brands work with marketers, and it’s working.
Marketing Consultant
Across the organization, people are asking me how I found someone who is so well suited to take on things quickly.
Sr Manager of Marketing Strategy
The Trevor Project
This model helps us manage capacity, our pool of talent and skill sets needed based on projects, and filling our creative needs.
Creative Leadership
We had an idea of what we wanted, but we also were looking for somebody that could help us shape [the program] together.
Strategic Partner Manager
 Global Social Network