Curating an all-woman all-star team to launch a new spirit

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The challenge

Diageo is no stranger to product launches and buzz-worthy campaigns. But when the time came to release a new spirit targeting Millennial women, they realized their AOR didn’t have the right voices at the table (AKA Millennial women). They needed a purpose-built pop-up team straight from their target demo, with the marketing and creative expertise to match the brand’s global profile.

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phases of work across strategy and execution

The Rosies

The creative team was led by a mass retail creative director, with support from a sneakerhead social strategist and high-fashion PR exec. For the execution phase, we added a versatile producer and a creative project manager to bring the vision to life. Throughout the project, We Are Rosie’s core team oversaw performance, timelines, and deliverables, allowing Diageo’s team to be informed but hands-off. 

The deets

Diageo’s marketing leaders understand the importance of knowing your target audience. After all, they manage a portfolio of 200+ beverage brands that are sold in nearly 180 countries. 

Tasked with creating a luxurious, buzzy, summertime launch campaign for a limited-edition tequila, they naturally went to their AOR. But as they looked around the room, they quickly realized that their target market of 25- to 40-year-old women was underrepresented on the creative roster. It was a no-go. 

Thankfully, We Are Rosie’s team was able to make it an easy “hell yes!” 

We custom-built Diageo a squad of Millenial women marketers, with just the right mix of strategic skills, creative chops, and pop culture sensibilities. Oh, and we managed the team from start to finish, so the client never had to worry about timelines, performance, or budgeting. 

Phase one of the project was led by a creative director whose portfolio of mass retail campaigns left us all imitating the heart-eyes emoji. Paired with a social media specialist and PR consultant—both with a background promoting luxury and pop-culture products—we had a veritable triple threat.

Over the course of five weeks, the Rosies developed three bold creative concepts to present to the Diageo team. Once the final direction was locked in, we added in a campaign-savvy creative project manager and an executive producer, who ensured their agency partners executed the vision flawlessly across every channel and activation.

The magic

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Fully managed team of marketing, PR, and creative experts hand-picked for the brief and target demo

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No-waste approach with hours and skills adjusted for each phase of the project

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Smooth collaboration with both the in-house brand directors and the AOR

“Really being able to think through, based on what this product is, who we would need and what kind of experience we wanted to bring to the table—that’s something we seldom see from agencies.”

– Hadley Schafer, Director of Don Julio Tequila