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Who Made You The Boss? Podcast: Can ambition exist without anxiety? Stephanie Nadi Olson’s Take on Success-Driven Pressure

by | Jan 17, 2024

Stephanie Nadi Olson - Who's Your Boss Podcast

Originally posted on Spotify on January 17, 2024.



Episode Description

In this empowering episode, Lindsey sits down with Stephanie Nadi Olson, the visionary founder of We Are Rosie. Together, they delve into the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship, the personal cost of business success, and the critical role of support systems in professional and personal life. From the impact of inept leaders to the cultural nuances that underpin the corporate world, this dialogue is an insightful glimpse into the lives of two dynamic women thriving against the odds. As they candidly share their experiences and reflections, listeners are offered an intimate look at the interplay between personal identity and leadership roles.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

– The significance of supportive partnerships and the ways in which they foster personal and professional growth.

– The societal tendency to undervalue significant accomplishments like selling a business and the impact on entrepreneurs.

– Insights into the struggles of leadership, including loneliness and the importance of mental health awareness.

– Stephanie’s journey of becoming her own boss as a result of negative leadership experiences and the creation of We Are Rosie.

– The importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how personal upbringing can influence corporate ethos.

Stephanie Nadi Olson is a Marketing & Advertising Executive, who founded We Are Rosie in 2018. As an innovator and disrupter, she is dedicated to changing the world’s perspective of the future of work and what it means to be inclusive in the workplace. We Are Rosie was founded on the premise of inclusivity and workplace flexibility which has rapidly become a trailblazing model in the advertising industry. Recognized as the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s most admired CEOs and Ad Age Visionary of the Year, Stephanie has carved out a reputation as a forward-thinking leader. With unparalleled insight drawn from her diverse background and professional acumen, she has demonstrably shown that good leadership and a supportive culture can create meteoric success.

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