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We Are Rosie Announces New Board of Directors – innovates the gig economy

by | Jul 30, 2019


Industry pioneers join We Are Rosie’s mission to innovate advertising and marketing work in the gig economy. 


JULY 2019 We Are Rosie, the women-owned company and premier platform for on-demand marketing expertise is pleased to announce the selection of five individuals to serve on their board of directors. 

Nancy Hill, founder of The Agency Sherpa and former President and CEO of the 4As, was selected to be board chair. 

“In my years running the 4As and now working directly with agencies, I see first-hand the daily struggle to staff in a way that fits assignments and remains profitable. Combine that with a new workforce that doesn’t necessarily want to work traditional agency hours, and you’ve got a headache trying to ensure that you can deliver against any scope of work. I am so impressed with what We Are Rosie has built to meet these needs in such a short time. We Are Rosie will disrupt the way we think of how we put the right people in the right room at the right time to get work done,” said Hill. 

Other newly appointed members include Seth Hittman of Ground Up and formerly Publicis Groupe, Armin Molavi of Hilton, Cindy Gallop of MakeLoveNotPorn and Stephen Wakeling of Phobio.

“The advertising world is changing — brands, agencies and talent, all need to become more flexible, more malleable, more responsive; and quite frankly many agencies are not keeping up. The unfortunate by-product of their lagging is many swaths of top talent are leaving the industry in search of that flexibility.  We Are Rosie has built the model that embraces the best of the best in talent. Any client who thinks a flexible agency model means less than top tier talent, will quickly find out their assumptions are wrong,” said Molavi.   

Since launching 15 months ago, We Are Rosie has generated $4.5 million in revenue and has more than 1,700 highly skilled marketing professionals in their network. They work with F10 companies, major entertainment brands, ad agency holding companies, and late-stage startups. We Are Rosie is proving success in every aspect of its business including: a 100% client retention, an 85% project renewal rate and it has close to 70 people joining the community each week. 

“After selling my own start-up to Publicis Groupe, I have been very fortunate to be able to focus my time and energy on supporting purpose-driven startups that are changing the game. Stephanie Nadi Olson has the laser-focus and vision that is required to shift the collective mindset of an industry. Her desire to bring flexible work to marketing & advertising is unparalleled and her commitment to change is clearly demonstrated in the rapid growth of the business to date. There is no doubt that We Are Rosie has what it takes to go the distance in this space, while changing lives along the way. I am thrilled to be a part of this exciting venture,” said Hittman.

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About We Are Rosie 

We Are Rosie exists to inspire the future of work in marketing & advertising by connecting independent workers to project-based work at scale. Their focus is on creating work that is in harmony with their lives and delights their employees, consultants, and clients. Their team of 1,700+ experts work across marketing, media, and strategy, with some of the largest brands in the world. They offer expertise from the brand and agency side, when and how you need it. Together, they are a force of change for good, inclusion, and results.


About the founder 

Stephanie Nadi Olson founded We Are Rosie from a genuine realization of what it feels like to “not belong.” As a young mother with a career and also as a daughter of an immigrant parent of color, she knew what it felt like to be overlooked and marginalized. Because of this, she wanted to create a home and opportunity for people who often feel discounted. We Are Rosie is an extension of the work she has done with refugees her entire life and her soul’s calling to create a better way to do business. Stephanie has worked closely with big brands and major tech companies her entire career, so she has a unique 360 degree view of industry practices and its need for transformation. 

Stephanie started We Are Rosie after her advertising career no longer made her feel welcome, and with a belief that there must be a more inclusive way to do business. She has created a human-centered approach that celebrates diversity and facilitates happiness, while ensuring that her company maintains integrity and authenticity every step of the way. She has worked in advertising at major tech companies like Microsoft and AOL. She has extensive advertising experience and has brought unique solutions and successes to multinational brands like Bank of America, Disney, Home Depot, Coke, Toyota and more throughout her career. 

Stephanie is from Atlanta, which is where she currently resides with her husband and two young children.