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Adlandia Podcast: The Future of Work is (We Are) Rosie with Stephanie Nadi Olson

by | Jan 28, 2021

Originally posted by Adlandia, December 14, 2020.

Stephanie Nadi Olson, Founder and CEO of We Are Rosie and AdAge’s 2020 Creativity Awards Visionary/Founder of the Year, joins us on the mic. A success story still in the making, Stephanie imagined an inclusive marketing/advertising industry, and in just over 2.5 years built We Are Rosie – a flexible, diverse remote workforce with over 6.5k Rosies. Stephanie takes us through her diverse family background which inspired the creation of We Are Rosie, how she bootstrapped a now 7-figure revenue business, how she defines corporate culture, and the conversations she’s having with big tech who are calling her to build a more diverse marketing org of flexible talent to integrate into their full-time teams.