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Providing authentic voices and deep expertise to build a platform for Black creators

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The challenge

In 2020, Meta committed $25M to supporting Black creators through its We The Culture initiative. When it came time to activate the program for the sports and fitness sectors, they needed a team of marketers who would bring expertise and authenticity.

creators recruited into the program

social and promotional assets created

hours of video content produced

The Rosies

A collaborative micro-agency team led by an executive strategist and creative director, with producers, talent managers and a copywriter to bring the Go Lab vision to life.

The deets

When Meta announced a $25M investment to “empower the next generation of Black storytellers to become successful,” the company envisioned programs that would provide education and development as well as funding for content. But they needed marketing innovators to shape that vision and bring it to life.

In other words, they needed Rosies.

Our talent matchmakers built a nine-person Flexy Team of marketing aces who, like a mini agency, worked together to concept, brand, and launch Go Lab, a platform for Black creators in sports and fitness. And thanks to our unique flex talent model, the Rosies were able to rotate in and out of the project as needed—no wasted hours or budget.

Our Rosie squad knocked it out of the park, so Meta brought them back to create Go Lab 2.0, a program designed to support HBCU athletes with social media and personal branding. A separate, specially curated team of Rosies also replicated the magic for an audience of LatinX and Hispanic content creators.

The magic

On-demand assembly of an all Black team of marketing experts

Our specialist team concepted and launched Go Lab, a program for Black creators by Black creators

Repeated the success with Go Lab 2.0, developed specifically for athletes from HBCUs

“We had an idea of what we wanted, but we also were looking for somebody that could help us shape [the program] together.” 

– Juan De Jesus, Strategic Partner Manager at Meta