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Replacing creative agencies with a flexible in-house department

The challenge

At the start of the pandemic, IHG made the difficult decision to let go of their creative agencies as a way to cut costs. But the marketing team still had to execute, and they needed to be more agile than ever thanks to the rapidly changing public-health emergency.

creative marketers

brands being worked on under the IHG umbrella

assets created in one year

The Rosies

All types and levels of creative expertise, including creative directors, art directors, copywriters, production designers, account managers, and social content creators.

The deets

In turbulent times for the hospitality industry, We Are Rosie’s team provided the thought-leadership and talent needed to build a cost-effective in-house creative studio for IHG.

With the ability to flex the team up and down at any time, the typically daunting transition from AOR relationships to in-house creative became lower risk and more turnkey. And once the studio was built, it was off to the races. IHG’s marketing team could finally work in lock-step with its creative department, responding to changing situations and cultural moments at the drop of a hat.

Today, this pandemic-inspired partnership continues to provide a foundation for creative excellence and it even pairs perfectly with agency support on special projects. That’s what we like to call the layer-cake workforce (because, yes, it really is as sweet as it sounds).

The magic

In-housing strategy supported by We Are Rosie’s team

Fully invested creatives and the ability to flex team up and down based on capacity needs and budgets

Lightning fast turnaround time for marketing assets

“This model helps us manage capacity, our pool of talent and skill sets needed based on projects, and filling our creative needs”

– IHG Creative Leadership